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Why Choose Us?
Our mission at The NICE clinic, located in Las Vegas NV, is to provide each patient with the tools essential in their fight against disease. Albeit cancer, autoimmune disorder, viral, inflammatory or pain-based we give you the means necessary to stimulate a natural cytokine effect (killer T cell stimulation) at a time when you need it the most. The key is within the balance of fitness, diet and stress management in combination with advanced medical technologies. This is a facility that is not locked into one type of treatment modality. Our NICE physicians utilize regenerative medicine as a tool to improve conventional medical therapies. Aging is a natural phenomenon. This process can either be sped up (the gas pedal) or slowed down (the brakes). With the proper environment; mentally, physically and nutritionally our therapies are designed to bring back a natural hormonal balance-fortifying your immune system.
Come to the NICE clinic in Las Vegas where we offer you regenerative medical options as an alternative to surgery. Throughout the last decade numerous studies have proven regenerative medicine techniques-not only facilitate but promote new tissue growth in the areas previously thought of as primary surgical problems. At the NICE clinic we are committed to logical clinical approaches, using state of the art research modeling and have created a regenerative clinic focused on healing you in the most natural possible way. Amazingly, many of our therapies use naturally appearing regenerative materials found in “your own” blood. Other therapies may include the use of amniotic fluid, cord blood, as well as sterilely processed amniotic and proteins called exosomes.
The healthier you are the more you’ll appreciate being supercharged...!
...with “Tomorrow’s Medicine Today!”