AACT: (Advanced Adjunct Cancer Therapies)
A full laboratory analysis is undertaken and will usually require minimal pre-treatment testing. G6PDY deficiency needs to be evaluated either clinically or by laboratory analysis prior to high-dose vitamin C. Any cancer markers previously identified will be notated and used to assess progress. Once patient arrives in Las Vegas-the week of proposed trial therapy includes daily autologous cytokine induction therapy using an intravenous O-Zonated saline solutions with two high dose vitamin C trials (usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays of the trial week). Urinary pH will be monitored at multiple times throughout the day and following infusions-which will be adjusted to possibly include bicarbonate or glutathione as needed.

After your initial week of consultation and family discussions outlining a long term treatment plan-it is encouraged to include primary oncologist/radiation oncologist and additional Physicians previously involved. A successful victory must plan for the ability to observe, learn and adapt when necessary. At The NICE Clinic our priority Is to make you live stronger longer in the most dignified compassionate way. Together, with love and intellect (with our hearts and our brains) we can push the envelope of medical science placing “you,” our patient, as the priority at all times!

Everything Else Regenerative!
The list below consists of other Regenerative Therapies that we offer!