Amnion Products
Amniotic therapy, done right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a very safe and effective treatment which contains no threat of patient rejection. There are no steroids present, but instead it relies on naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents. Human amnion membranes contain hyaluronic acid with growth factors, which lubricates cartilage and promotes new tissue growth. Amniotic fluid is becoming my favorite source of stem cell product. It has a very broad potential, possessing immunomodulatory properties without the ethical and legal limitations of other stem cells. Stem cells from the amniotic fluid can be isolated and expanded easily. Amniotic cells can differentiate into a various cell types without the risk of tumorigenesis.
Stem cells derived from the amniotic fluid are prime candidates for the development of novel therapies against a wide range of congenital and acquired human disorders. Emerging evidence from experimental models of disease has generated great interest in potential clinical applications of amniotic fluid stem cells for human tissue repair and regeneration.
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