Each of our patients receives nutritional counseling as a part of their initial evaluation. Our goals are to maximize the environment in which Your proposed regenerative therapies will be introduced AND supported. You will be introduced to an alkaline diet and philosophies as well as shown ways to monitor your body’s acid-base balance. We will educate you on your bodies warning signals so that you can use these defense mechanisms given to you naturally-like a warning light in your car. Diet is also your key to longevity! Longevity/life extension cell based therapy begins with a full laboratory analysis and evaluation of your internal biochemistry also looking at tumor markers when requested. Infusion therapies including glutathione, high-dose vitamin C, ozone, vitamin cocktails and bicarbonate usually start as little as $200 with regenerative infusion therapy starting at $2500.

Everything Else Regenerative!
The list below consists of other Regenerative Therapies that we offer!