What is Regenerative Therapy?
Did you know that the human body possesses the capability to heal itself? Regenerative Therapy is the branch of medicine that develops procedures to re-grow, repair or even replace damaged cells, organs and tissues. This method of therapy is a fast growing practice that uses the body’s own cells to heal and ultimately regenerate damaged organs, tissues, and cells.
Regenerative Therapy includes several medical procedures that aim to stimulate the body’s own repair mechanisms. At the Nice Clinic LV, our treatments focus on using the best regenerative stem cell products available-in order to regenerate your damaged cells, tissues and organs. We formulate and prescribe each patient with a program tailored specifically for them, designed to meet each of their goals and expectations. Contact us now to discuss everything regenerative. Relief starts today in Las Vegas, NV!

Everything Else Regenerative!
The list below consists of other Regenerative Therapies that we offer!