Stem Cell Therapy
Aging is a gradual loss of our ability to regenerate tissue such as nerve, muscle, bone cartilage, collagen, and tendons. Mesenchymal stem cells have been identified as the driving force behind stem cell repair. Over the past few decades, researchers have been studying the science and role stem cells play towards aging and healing the human body. Scientists are now able to isolate, harvest, and multiply human Mesenchymal stem cells for the purpose of regenerative therapy.

Stem cells are derived from various sources and perform differently based on where they come from. Stem cells can be taken from your own body though fat cells and bone marrow but this procedure can be painful and time consuming. Cells taken from the amnion and umbilical cord tissue have a much higher proportion of rich Mesenchymal stem cells.

Our physicians, located right here in Las Vegas, Nevada, analyze your needs and choose the most robust cells appropriate for your targeted procedure. These regenerative cells are reintroduced to the body and begin to initiate healing along with pain management. You will experience a better blood supply to the regenerative area, a reduction in inflammation, and stimulation of healthy tissue growth all because of this simple, non-surgical injection. Contact us now to discuss everything regenerative. Relief starts today in Las Vegas, NV!